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Our biological clock can regulate inflammatory arthritis

London, Aug 7 Researchers have found that a protein created by the body's biological clock regulates inflammatory arthritis, explaining why the human body is often found to be stiff in the morning hours.

Dams cause immense loss of freshwater Study

London Dec 4 Dams and irrigation considerably raise the global human consumption of freshwater by increasing evapotranspiration - an effect that increases the loss of freshwater to the atmosphere thereby reducing the water available for humans societies and ecosystems on land.

This link can cause smartphones to crash

London Jan 26 Theres an annoying link doing the rounds on social media that can crash almost any smartphone including iPhone according to the media.

How blue whales plan their feed outings

New York Oct 4 Are whales indiscriminate grazers that consume copious amounts of tiny krill throughout the day? No says a new study which finds that whales forage efficiently to optimise their energy levels.

New species of toad found in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro Aug 15 (IANSEFE) Brazilian researchers have found a new species of toad that is a little more than 1 cm long and appears to be in danger of extinction.

‘Freedom 251’ makers trying to meet Modi, delivery deferred to July 6

Noida, June 29 The delivery of the world's cheapest smartphone at Rs 251 (less than $4) will finally begin from July 7 and not June 30 as was announced earlier, its makers said on Wednesdday, adding that they are trying to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi for garnering his support under the Make in India initiative.

CO2 fertilisation greening Earth Study

New York April 27 A quarter to half of Earths vegetated land has shown significant greening over the last 35 years largely due to rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) says a study.

Two killed in attack near Indian consulate in Afghan city

Kabul Jan 13 Two civilians were killed when a suicide bomber targetted a police vehicle in Afghanistans Jalalabad city on Wednesday the media reported.

Now turn 2D videos into 3D in a jiffy

The converted video can be played back over any 3D device -- a commercial 3D TV Googles new Cardboard system which turns smartphones into 3D displays or special-purpose displays such as Oculus Rift.

NASAs Chandra Observatory discovers incredible galactic tail

Washington Dec 22 NASAs Chandra X-ray Observatory has discovered an extraordinary ribbon of hot gas trailing behind a galaxy like a tail.

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