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Low birth weight babies likely to develop higher body fat

Ottawa, Sep 2 Extremely low birth weight (ELBW) babies are four times more likely to develop higher body fat than other normal birth weight (NBW) babies, says a study conducted by Indian-origin researcher.

Wearable device may improve sleep, reduce PTSD risk

New York, Aug 17 A wearable device developed by Arizona-based research firm Brain State Technologies could help improve sleep and thereby lower the risk of developing post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), suggests new research.

Skull condition thought extinct is still common Study

New York May 18 A skull condition that has been believed to be a thing of the past due to poor diet among our ancestors not only still exists but is fairly common among modern humans new research has found.

Appetising foods may not drive long-term overeating

New York, Dec 16 Eating good-tasting food such as chocolate chip cookies, potato chips and sweetened condensed milk may not drive long-term overeating and cause obesity, a study has found.

India to launch record 104 satellites next week

Bengaluru, Feb 6 India will create history by launching a record 104 satellites, including 101 foreign ones, into the earth's lower orbit, on February 15 from Andhra Pradesh, an official said on Monday.

Googles Project Loon internet balloons to circle Earth (Lead Changing dateline)

Washington Oct 29 Alphabet parent company of tech giant Google has announced tie-ups with three major Indonesian telecom operators to expand web connectivity in the countrys remote areas using hundreds of net-beaming balloons.

Accelerating cancer research with deep learning

New York, Nov 13 A research team in the US has created a software that can quickly identify the information in cancer reports that would not only save time and work-hours but also reveal overlooked avenues in cancer research.

On 26th birthday Hubble spots star inflating giant bubble

Washington April 22 Celebrating its 26th year in the low-Earth orbit the Hubble Space Telescope has captured in stunning clarity what looks like a gigantic cosmic soap bubble being blown into space by a super-hot massive star.

Facebook groups not effective against substance use

Toronto Aug 7 Despite their growing number online support groups such as those on Facebook are not as effective as the face-to-face counselling in curbing substance use among the youth a new study has found.

Signs of ancient human found in China

Beijing, July 26 Archaeologists have confirmed traces of ancient humans, dating back to over 10,000 years, at an altitude of 4,000 metres in China's Qinghai-Tibet plateau.

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