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Friday, April 20, 2018

Sulabh gives Rs 5 lakh to Odisha man carrying wife’s body

New Delhi, Sep 3 Noted NGO Sulabh International on Saturday handed over a fixed deposit receipt of Rs 5 lakh to Dana Manjhi, a poor villager of Odisha who was forced to carry his wife's body for 10 km as the district hospital in Kalahandi refused to provide him an ambulance.

Zika virus linked to birth defects may spread across US

Toronto Jan 15 The Zika virus spread by a day-biting mosquito and possibly linked to serious birth defects in Brazil has the potential to spread within the Americas including parts of the US researchers have warned.

Hypoglycaemia cases increased by 39 per cent Study

London, July 19 Hospital admissions with patients diagnosed by hypoglycaemia have seen a 39 per cent rise in last ten years, a study by an Indian-origin scientist has said.

Himachal keen to take over ESIC Medical College

Shimla March 2 Himachal Pradesh Health and Family Welfare Minister Kaul Singh on Wednesday informed the assembly that the government is keen to take over ESIC Hospital and Medical College in the state but it has run into a financial row.

Excessive childbirth fear can lead to post-partum depression

New York, June 27 While some fear in expectant mothers is normal, excessive childbirth fear can lead to complications during pregnancy and birth, and increase risk of post-partum depression, say researchers.

3-D-printed bone implant dissolves in the body

Moscow, Oct 27 In a major step towards improving surgeries after head or face injuries, Russian scientists have developed a new type of 3-D-printed polymeric bone implants that can get absorbed and subsequently replaced with natural bone tissue in the body.

IVF may reduce birth defects for women above 40

Sydney, Oct 17 Babies born to women aged 40 and over from assisted reproduction technologies are likely to have fewer birth defects compared with those from women who conceive naturally at the same age, new research has found.

Cadaver liver transplant Recipient’s kin pitch for organ donation

Kolkata, July 27 Likening the late donor and his family to god, the family of 46-year-old transplantee Madhuri Saha, who received a new lease of life thanks to a cadaveric liver transplant here on Wednesday, urged people to take the bold step of furthering cadaveric organ donation.

IIL sets up Rs.250 crore facility in Hyderabad

Hyderabad Oct 26 Indian Immunologicals Limited (IIL) a leading biologicals company has set up a new facility with an investment of Rs.250 crore near here and is set to become Indias largest producer of animal health formulations.

New Ebola-fighting antibodies from outbreak survivor identified

New York Feb 20 Researchers have identified a new group of powerful Ebola-fighting antibodies from the blood of a survivor of the 2014 outbreak of the deadly disease.

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