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Monday, February 26, 2018

Playing Pokémon Go has health benefits too

New York, Aug 20 While the augmented reality (AR) based smartphone game Pokémon Go is spreading like a fire globally, researchers have now figured health benefits that such games can bring for its users.

UN agency urges people to ‘make noise’ against AIDS discrimination

United Nations, March 2 The Joint UN Programme on HIVAIDS (UNAIDS) on Wednesday marked Zero Discrimination Day with a Make Some Noise campaign, urging people to speak up against discrimination.

Women in Tibet to get one-year paid maternity leave

Lhasa (Tibet), Dec 1 The People's Congress of the Tibet has passed a new regulation that grants women in the region a one-year paid maternity leave, it was reported on Thursday.

US scientists document trajectory of Zika virus for first time

New York Jan 27 A team of US researchers has documented for the first time the disease trajectory of Zika virus that started with nine positive patients and has now spread to more than 13000 infected individuals in Colombia.

High-fructose diet hampers recovery from brain injury

New York Oct 3 A diet high in processed foods which are often sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup may impair the brains ability to heal after serious head injury warn researchers.

Anaesthesia may help us fight flu

New York Sep 2 Certain so-called volatile anaesthetics -- commonly used during surgeries -- may also possess powerful effects on the immune system that can combat viral and bacterial infections in the lung including influenza and pneumonia say researchers including one of Indian-origin.

Obesity-gene may prompt kids to respond more to fast food ads

New York, Dec 20 The overt response of your kids to advertisements of burgers, pizzas and french-fries may be the result of a key obesity gene influencing their brain to respond more to food advertisements and other cues to eat, a study has found.

Companies with healthy employees perform better in stock market

New York Feb 7 Highlighting health as an important factor in the financial health of a corporation a study has found that companies with best-in-class workplace health programmes for employees are able to secure a competitive edge in the stock market.

Couch potatoes at dementia risk same as those with genes

Toronto, Jan 11 If you are a sedentary type and prefer sleeping over hitting the ground, better start exercising or face the risk of developing dementia like those who are genetically predisposed to it, warns a new study.

Indian-American professor creates supercondom to combat HIV

New York Dec 16 An Indian-origin professor has created a supercondom that can help combat the deadly virus that cause AIDS and also enhance sexual pleasure.

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