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Doctors gearing up for east India’s first cadaver liver transplant

Kolkata, July 26 Bolstering efforts to carry out cadaver organ transplants in West Bengal, a team of doctors is gearing up to perform eastern India's first such liver transplant in the city, a doctor said on Tuesday.

Summer breaks make American kids obese Study

Washington, Nov 3 American children are at greater risk of becoming overweight or obese during summer vacation than during the school year, a new study has found.

Cholesterol deprivation can kill brain tumour cells

New York, Oct 14 Offering new hope for an alternative treatment of brain cancer, researchers have found that depriving the deadly tumour cells of cholesterol, which they import from neighbouring healthy cells, kills tumour cells and causes their regression.

Passion linked to athletes accepting prohibited substances

New York Feb 5 Athletes with obsessive passion for their sports are more likely to be lenient towards the use of performance enhancing drugs or PEDs says a new study.

Deeds do not match words on Modis Swachh Abhiyan Brand ambassador Shashi Tharoor (IANS...

New Delhi Sep 11 Words have not matched deeds on the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan according to one of its brand ambassadors.

Woman named cleanliness ambassador after row over toilet

Bhopal Oct 4 A woman in a Madhya Pradesh village was named a cleanliness ambassador by local authorities after she walked out on her in-laws because they did not build a toilet at the house.

Alcohol steroid supplements linked to hip loss in youth

KolkataNew Delhi Aug 21 Increasing use of alcohol and steroid-based food supplements is exposing Indias youth to avascular necrosis(AVN) – the death of bone tissue due to lack of supply – and consequent hip replacement surgeries experts say.

AIDS drug addiction against our tradition Goa governor

Panaji Dec 18 Vices such as AIDS and drug addiction are against the Indian tradition and should be tackled effectively Goa Governor Mridula Sinha said in her address on the eve of the states Liberation Day.

Older people better at correcting their mistakes

New York Oct 29 Elderly people are not considered wiser for nothing. They are actually better at correcting their mistakes as compared to those younger a new study finds.

Email anxiety new health hazard for young Indian professionals (Health Feature)

New Delhi Sep 9 Thirty-five-year-old Shikha Girgla a Delhi-based brand consultant and a happy-go-lucky personality for her peers never thought that shifting office emails to her smartphone will reach a stage where she will require medical attention.

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