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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Afghanistan’s snowy hilltops now draw skiiing youngsters

Bamyan (Afghanistan), Jan 18 When the Gunbadak hilltops are snow-capped, covering their usual mud and dust, dozens of children flock to the peak which lies 30 minutes away from Bamyan city, the capital of central Bamyan province, to enjoy skiing, a fun-filled pursuit not often associated with the conflict-ridden country.

Don’t rush to judgement, these four true tales teach us (The Funny Side)

A couple of years ago, a friend accused me of being really slow on the uptake, so I called him last night. Yep, I said.

It’s comfort food all the way at Taj Palace’s Capital Kitchen (Foodie Trail-Delhi)

New Delhi, Jan 8 In a city known as a gastronomical heaven with so many multi-cuisine outlets, it is difficult to find delightful fine diners hinging on the concept of comfort foods. There are a couple of them that now offer such heartening fare, and adding to the lot is the newly-launched Capital Kitchen that has replaced Kafe Fontana at the poolside of the Taj Palace Hotel.

Abuse of transgender Indians begins in early childhood (Special to IANS)

From her troubled teenage years to being a social activist working for the rights of the transgender community, Sharmila (name changed to protect identity), 44, has come a long way.

World weirdness quotient is rising fast (The Funny Side)

If I were a woman I would draw one eyebrow way higher than the other and spend my whole life looking wildly sceptical about everything.

New Year resolutions doctors must stick to (Comment Special to IANS)

It is easy to preach, hard to practise. Though, as a doctor, I pretty much practise what I preach, there are instances that knuckles me to the fact that I am still human!

Impromptu celebrations were the norm in Kathputli Colony (Part II of II – Societal...

New Delhi, Jan 2 India's largest artist ghetto, Kathputli Colony, is a curious chapter in Delhi's book of shanty clusters. While demolitions and displacements are a constant fear in most slums, the rich artistic heritage and the ethereal way of living with a sense of community and cultural ethos are what sets it apart from others of its kind.

Chandigarh school kids adding strength to ‘Wall of Kindness’

Chandigarh, Jan 1 It is an act of kindness and gratitude, but veiled in anonymity.

Cafes, culinary experiments and hashtags Rulers of the gastronomical world (2016 In Retrospect)

New Delhi, Dec 31 Sipping a oreo chocolate shake accompanied by a thick chicken patty smashed between buns or experimenting with the flavours of Indian regional cuisine -- a culinary visit to any eat-out remained incomplete without the foodporn and foodgasm hashtags, making 2016 a tummy-blessed foodilicious year.

How to survive driving in Asia (The Funny Side)

IMPORTANT NOTE TO MOTORISTS If I turn on the windscreen wipers of a rental car, this indicates that I am turning right or left; please memorise.

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